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What is BoneKare™?

Effects and product information

The active ingredient in BoneKare™ is "Quinaquanone®" a water soluble, bio-available form of Vitamin K.


Vitamin K has a critical effect on the function of Osteocalcin, the bone protein that binds the mineral and protein in bone together. Without sufficient Vitamin K the binding process is incomplete and low density or defective bone and cartilage are produced.


Vitamin K is naturally available in fresh, growing green pasture but it is highly unstable, being degraded by UV light, wiltering or "wintering off".


Horses that do not have constant access to high quality pasture are likely to be deficient in Vitamin K, leading to a reduction in bone density and bone strength.


  • Horses removed from Vitamin K rich pasture and brought into a box/yard regime have demonstrated a reduction in bone density within 7-10 days.
  • There is an established correlation between bone density and the incidence of OCD's and DOD's in yearlings and DMD (shinsoreness) in 2 year olds.
  • BoneKare™ is the first European product to provide a stable, bio-available form of Vitamin K.
K1 Supplement - Strong Bones - Strong Performance